Antoniolupi Introduces New Sink Designs: Ramses, Teti, and Cheope

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More photos

RAMSES, TETI, and CHEOPE are three new sinks designed by AMDL CIRCLE for antoniolupi, exemplifying high craftsmanship...

The collaboration between AMDL CIRCLE and antoniolupi brands is reflected in the play with classic and noble materials such as bronze and wood, assembled through design solutions that rely on ancient and valuable techniques, creating columnar sinks with sculptural shapes that are precious and unique.

Textile ropes and fasteners connect the wooden slats, while cast bronze is shaped into conical and grooved forms. Ramses, Teti, and Cheope, like ancient monuments, emerge from the ground and assume the value of autonomous works.


RAMSES is a freestanding sink where the dark bronze top combines with the black oxidized effect finish of the wooden elements, which are vertically positioned and connected with ropes to form the trunk.


TETI sink is made of walnut wood and steel. The walnut elements, placed vertically, cover the entire volume of the sink and are connected by metal fasteners. The wood, ancient and precious, is processed and utilized in a modern solution that tells the story of tradition and craftsmanship.


The third sink, CHEOPE, designed by AMDL CIRCLE, is a freestanding bronze sculpture with a golden patina, made using casting techniques. The sink rests atop a conical volume that progressively narrows towards the base. The shape, formed by fusion, enhances the plastic effect, emphasized by the light hitting the bronze.

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