The total living project "Immagina", presented at the Salone del Mobile 2014 by Martini Mobili, is enhanced by a new, elegant and exclusive setting, the Billiard Room, which strongly illustrates the excellent design skills, the high quality and the refinement in every detail which characterize the entire production by Martini.

All the wall furniture, the columns, the coffered ceiling and the Billiard Room decorations are made of oak, the finish is polished with a white border or in gold leaf. The impressive squared coffered ceiling features a border decorated with carved capitals, all embellished with gold leaf detail.

The finish is presented in two shades of color, polished oak and earth. The wood paneling that runs along the walls and the staircase area features two different decorations and the entire billiard room is surrounded by elegant shaped columns, featuring a finely carved capital softly decorated by touches of gold.

The billiard table itself is a work of art, made especially for Martini, and fits into the space with harmonious grandeur. In the back, there is a bar and relaxation area, where carved radiator covers are highlighted, backlit by LEDs. On the left, the staircase with softly shaped columns leads the way upstairs, with earth-colored balustrade and handrail, featuring carved and gilded details.

The two large chandeliers and seats were also created to complete a furnishing project of great quality and refinement, a trademark of products Made in Italy, to which Martini has always been faithful.

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