Artistic washbasin inspired by nature

When it comes to bathroom design, we are constantly looking for something new, different and specific…

Over the past year, but also for most of this, we have realized that the world as we know it can be turned upside down overnight, so that our homes can take on the many roles we assign to them. We realized that it is important to be surrounded by comfort and things that we love, that we enjoy and that help us relax. Many of us have rolled up our sleeves and renovated our homes, making them oases that are only available to us. Of course, the bathroom is an important part of an oasis, because it is a relaxing room that allows us to be naked in front of ourselves, literally and figuratively, and allow our thoughts to wander wherever they want.

With that in mind, this time we present you a sink that will be the perfect addition to any bathroom with a relaxing atmosphere, and was created as a work by Daniel Arsham for the Kohler brand. After numerous partnerships like the one with the jewellery brand Tiffany & Co, Daniel has created a 3D printed washbasin that will in itself be a dream come true for many people.

Inspired by nature and named Rock.01, this sink combines innovative 3D printing technology with Arsham’s contemporary art. Coming in ivory colour, the sink is decorated on one side with a figure in the shape of a brass-coloured stone, with patinated finishing details. The entire sink is printed layer by layer of clay, and its construction takes 7.5 hours.

“Rock.01 combines the future of 3D printing technology with the most basic methods of manual brass casting. He literally represents the new, leaning on the old, and I think that's really poetic. Kohler was the ideal partner to revive this complex and futuristic design,” explained the designer.

Limited to just 99 pieces, this asymmetrical sink will have its world debut in Miami in December this year.


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