Bathroom as a Place of Harmony and Serenity

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The bathroom is the most private oasis in every home—more private even than the bedroom, representing a completely different world that only those we invite can step into.

As such, to fulfill its purpose, it must be created according to our desires, requirements, and sometimes capricious decisions that may be incomprehensible to others. With this in mind, ADJ has decided to harness the full potential of HIMACS material to offer us an option for a modern and harmonious design that is simultaneously tranquil, soothing, and, above all, practical.

Interior designer Sophie Clement wanted to create an absolute oasis in her latest project, so she asked the ADJ company in Strasbourg to use soft colors and composite materials such as wooden floors, plaster walls, and long-lasting user-friendly materials.

To convince the client of the benefits of the special Solid Surface design, ADJ created a 3D model using virtual reality to fully immerse the architect and client in the project. This approach helped confirm the usability of the design and the choice of materials and colors, with the only change from the initial proposal being the addition of LED lighting in the shower niches.

The manufacturer decided to leverage the full potential of HIMACS material to create a modern, harmonious design that exudes tranquility while remaining practical. HIMACS is particularly suitable for wet spaces due to its non-porous nature and seamless finish, making it not only waterproof but also easy to maintain.

The room's size allowed for the design of a complete bathroom with a spacious 180 cm bathtub, a huge shower, and a double sink, all in HIMACS material and soft colors that enhance the room's light.

The shower, located next to the bathtub, looks as if it were made in one piece. The shower seat, the wall, the back of the niche, the ceiling, and the wall beneath the sloping ceiling are all created in HIMACS Crystal Beige to create the perfect contrast with the Alpine White bathtub and other shower walls.

Lighting in two niches built into the shower wall adds a subtle touch while enhancing color contrasts. The result is a bright bathroom that uses a combination of complementary materials to entice you to relax.

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