Bentley enters the realm of architecture

And while famous car brands have left a strong mark in the world of horology and fashion, now they are aiming for a completely different sphere of our lives…

More and more brands are making a breakthrough in the field of architecture and design, especially in Miami, where we can see the Porsche Design Tower and Aston Martin Residences. Now, another brand wants to get its place on that magnificent list - Bentley Motors, announcing the construction of a 228-meter high skyscraper in the Sunny Isles Beach part of the city.

Bentley is teaming up with Dezer Development to work on this project, which represents their first luxury residential concept ever. Dezer, which is certainly not a beginner when it comes to branded residences, has Armani / Casa and Porsche skyscrapers in its resume, and they have collaborated with Sieger Suarez Architects for both projects.

Of course, many potential buyers are wondering what benefits related to the automotive world will they get if they buy one of the ultra-luxury apartments in the new Bentley skyscraper? Each of the 200 housing units will have its own private garage for more cars, which means that parking will never be a problem for you. A patented car lift will bring your ride directly to your residence, even if it is not a Bentley model.

The apartments are definitely spectacular - each will have its own private balcony, pool, sauna and outdoor showers, overlooking the ocean and bay, floor-to-ceiling windows and maximum comfort. Outside the apartments, common facilities for tenants include a gym, swimming pool, spa, restaurant, lodge, private cinema, whiskey bar and immaculately landscaped garden.

Bentley Residences Miami will be constructed in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council building certificates, thus consuming less electricity, having minimal impact on the natural environment.

According to estimates, the construction of this project will begin in 2023, with a completion date scheduled for 2026. In the meantime, interested buyers can visit the official website of the project and already book their favorite apartments.

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