Discover the purifying power of water

The constant search for aesthetic purity, combined with essential criteria in the field of innovation, practicality, attention to detail and personalization, find its most authentic expression in the new shower cabin with the signature of the duke brand, new acqua 5000 …

Restyled in form and essence, which reveal new and elegant minimalism, the shower cabin is capable of enhancing the purity of design lines, sophistication of technique and everyday well-being.

duka reinterprets its iconic shower enclosure to transform it into something even more elegant and purposeful, making it capable of filling the space and becoming its main feature, thanks to its clean and essential lines.

In its two versions, with or without wall profiles, the new acqua 5000 has been revamped when it comes to aesthetics and technology, redesigning the flexibility of the bathroom space while giving it new functionality. Equipping a bathroom or wellness area with a shower cabin from the acqua 5000 line means connecting the concept of beauty with the concept of comfort, hygiene, reliability, durability, health and high performance.

Thanks to its clean lines, minimalist design, personalization possibilities and exceptional quality, the new shower cabin has become a new icon of its sphere, which will easily respond to various needs.

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