Dubai to Build Floating Golden Opera House

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More photos

Dubai South is set to experience the magnificence of the Azizi Venice Opera...

This golden, floating masterpiece will be the city's second opera house, hosting various cultural performances including ballets, concerts, operas, and musicals. A fountain surrounded by the Crystal Lagoon in the background will add a magical touch to the experience. With a seating capacity of 2,000, the center will also be adaptable for private events, making it a versatile and exciting destination.

What makes this location truly spectacular is the pedestrian boulevard that will remain open during the winter and covered with glass during the warmer months, brought to life with an array of luxury shops, nightlife, entertainment options, and top-notch restaurants. From two five-star hotels and a boutique hotel to 109 villas and over 34,000 apartments, it is expected to become a hub of activity and luxury between 2025 and 2028.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy an incredible 18,000 kilometers of lagoons, beaches, and promenades to connect with the surroundings of this $8 billion project, built by Azizi Developments. Aimed at enhancing Dubai's cultural charm, the floating Azizi Venice Opera will attract international talents, providing an unparalleled platform for regional artists.

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