Experience wellness and design in colour with the new duka libero 3000 shower cabs

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More photos

Following the pura 5000 ColourArt, natura 4000 and libero 4000 Color Up Your Life, Duka continues to expand its range of colour products.

The smart and functional free-standing shower cabin libero 3000 gets new, shiny copper, brass and black pearl finishes. The wall bracket guarantees maximum stability and safety of the glass while respecting the clean, minimalist design of the shower cabin. It can be placed at a 30° angle, for a discreet look, or at a 90° angle, for a more linear look.

libero 3000, is made of tempered safety glass with a thickness of 6 or 8 mm, height up to 205 cm and width up to 140 cm. It can also be installed in special situations where cut-outs are necessary, for example when it is in contact with other architectural obstacles or in the presence of a sloping roof.

libero 3000 is the ideal walk-in solution for large or medium-sized bathrooms because the minimalist design visually increases the space, while the new colours reflect light and provide a new atmosphere.

With the addition of Color Up Your Life to the libero 3000 series, all systems are now covered in new pearlescent colours. Sliding doors, bi-folding or revolving doors of the natura 4000 model, folding or revolving doors as Walk In solution libero 4000 and freestanding side panel from libero 3000 are now available in new trendy colours to offer choice and meet all interior design requirements.

With their different opening systems, unique profile colours, glass surfaces and other structural components, the natura 4000, libero 4000 and libero 3000 Color Up Your Life shower cabins enable a versatile and unique design for a bathroom or wellness area in residential and hotel environments.

This colourful journey is part of the history of Duka, a company that continues to represent Made in Italy production and constant growth through design, technology and quality.

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