Falmec Introduces Vogue - A Fusion of Light and Air for Your Kitchen

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More photos

Thanks to its circular and harmonious form, the new Vogue model hood from the Falmec brand represents the perfect balance between air and light.

Resembling a sophisticated object placed above the work surface, Vogue attracts attention with its exclusive design that overlaps between two options - an air suction hood and ambient light. Designed by the Emo Design studio, Vogue features a curved stainless steel body that includes a glass dome for diffusing pleasant dynamic light that can be adjusted from cool to warmer tones.

The dual functions, as well as the dual finishes, further emphasize the elegance of this new product. The outer surface is available in green, white, and iron gray, while the inner space showcases shiny gold finishes in all versions, thus creating a vibrant chromatic and geometric wavy contrast.

Vogue guarantees a wide suction body thanks to its impressive dimensions (88 cm in diameter), making it a masterpiece in the kitchen, providing illumination and flexibility to adapt to different needs and projects for mounting above the kitchen island.

Vogue enriches the renowned Circle.Tech collection of the Falmec brand by combining two functions - suction and filtering - into a unique system that ensures maximum efficiency with minimal space and noise.

Vogue includes the regenerative Carbon.Zeo filtering system with activated charcoal and zeolite for exceptional steam absorption and reduction. Additionally, it is equipped with a brushless motor with a power of 600 m3/h for highly energy-efficient operation, as well as a rotating control panel, 3 speeds + Boost, optional remote control, and the Dialog system that enables automatic connection of the hood with a Falmec cooker.

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