Falmec presents Light Bronze – the perfect jewel for your kitchen

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The kitchen has always been the heart of a home, a place where the family gathers and enjoys preparing meals, and thus, it must look impeccable, welcoming, and polished…

Thanks to the brand Falmec, new vibrant metallic finishes are now coming to the kitchen, illuminating the space with their precious reflections, creating one of the most contemporary trends in interior design. The new Falmec Light version with elegant bronze-toned profiles is capable of enhancing the attractiveness of any kitchen it finds itself in with its sophistication.

Designed for installation in combination with a kitchen island, Light Bronze finds its place above the stove, allowing an open and broader view while simultaneously highlighting other elements. Both elegant and distinctive at the same time, this extractor has the unique advantage of being able to be installed in filter mode, without the need for exhaust ducts.

Available in dimensions of 120 and 180 cm, Light Bronze achieves a perfect balance between form and functionality. Two anodized aluminum profiles contain two glass shelves and the ultra-compact body of the extractor, made possible by Multi-Air technology, which the Falmec brand launched in 2021.

This innovative solution distributes the suction power across multiple small motors, with a total capacity of 500 m3/h, and is designed to provide uniform performance in an exceptionally small volume. The extractor is framed with two glass panels and two black aluminum profiles, into which LED light strips are integrated.

Light Bronze is also equipped with an electronic panel with three-speed controls + Boost, a remote control, and a Dialogue System option, which allows the suction to be managed with a Falmec industrial stove, via a connection between the extractor and the meal preparation surface.

Finally, Light Bronze includes an efficient filtration unit thanks to the combined Carbon.Zeo system, ensuring flawless removal of odors and vapors."

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