Future sustainable flower-shaped city Xzero will be "the best city in the world"

The company Urb from the UAE presented the concept of the futuristic city XZERO.

The future is sustainable, and this metropolis designed in the shape of a flower prioritizes pedestrians and sustainable communities. The planned community in Kuwait promotes a carbon-free lifestyle for 100,000 residents who will enjoy a network of centers dedicated to education, entertainment and medical facilities. The area of ​​16 square kilometers will house 100,000 inhabitants, who will live in balance with nature, free from harmful gases and noise. 30,000 residential units, 5-star resorts, public park, nature conservation center and more will be built here to harmonize life with nature.

To a large extent, the eco-hub will generate as many as 30,000 jobs in various spheres of life, such as medicine, tourism, technology, education and hospitality.

"Creating sustainable cities that follow the highest standards of living with the least impact on the environment is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. XZero is planned with multifunctional holistic solutions that are focused on three key pillars of sustainability, social, economic and environmental," said Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB Company.

The heart of this project is a unique landscape, which is multifunctional and designed to promote health, well-being and biodiversity.

Keeping in mind the main focus of the $15 billion project, all pedestrian areas will be shaded and connected to other areas intended for cyclists. In addition to a 35 km walking and cycling zone, XZero will boast a 9 km equestrian trail.

The project will begin construction in 2024 and is scheduled to be completed by 2034.

URB is also designing the world's largest net-zero carbon urban technology district to be built in Dubai.

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