Glass Design is launching a new lavish collection

Dedicated to those who enjoy luxury, appreciate the value of quality craftsmanship and the beauty of handmade artistry, the Glass Design Collection of Royal Absolute Sinks is synonymous with sleekness…

If the Royal Absolute collection is the epitome of pure and classic luxury, its unique character will equally blend with the minimalist and contemporary environments where it becomes the focal point.

The Royal Absolute collection is manufactured by VetroFreddo®, an innovative material patented by the Glass Design brand consisting of fragments of glass and resin, in matte black and glossy white. The washbasin is surrounded by a ribbon of crystals with interesting diamond shapes.

The hand-crafted crystal follows the magnificent tradition of glassmaking, with the décor of luxurious gold, silver and bronze tones. The collection is also accompanied by an assortment of accessories, which have the same crystal details that we can see on the sink.

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