How to create an elegant bedroom

Creating an elegant bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank. There are various tips and tricks that can help make your space look more expensive and luxurious, whilst still providing a comfortable, safe haven.


It’s important to keep function in mind when creating an elegant bedroom, as there is nothing worse than a bedroom that doesn’t work for you.

Keep storage and purpose in mind when choosing furniture pieces to ensure they still look beautiful, whilst offering functionality in everyday life.

If you’re struggling for floor space and would prefer a minimal arrangement, why not opt for an overbed wardrobe in a soft tone? By focusing on classic styles and pastel tones, fitted furniture can help create a neat and tidy bedroom space, evoking peace and tranquillity.

You could also consider complementing your newly fitted furniture with a statement bed, or a grand dressing table to create an elegant look and feel. Add small touches by changing cupboard and wardrobe handles to gold or brass fixtures.

Colour palette

Creating a carefully considered colour scheme can help your room look more put together. This can also produce a relaxing and calming environment, ready for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Using soft hues around your room such as blush, mint and powder blue are perfect when looking to create a periodic and elegant colour palette. Or, opting for a monochromatic theme will create a minimal yet soothing feel to any room.


The small details really matter when creating a luxury-looking bedroom, so keep an eye out for any ornate or hand-carved pieces when shopping around.

Large, antique mirrors are a great statement piece whilst also providing a practical addition to your room. Or, if you’re wanting your room to feel particularly regal – choose long, draping curtains to create a sophisticated look.

You can’t have elegance without a chandelier in the centre of your room. Offering a breath-taking extravagance and glamour into any home, this bold centrepiece can tie your whole space together.

Soft furnishings

Make your bed the focal point by using bold colours and a luxurious fabric for your bed sheets, as well as investing in large pillows and throws. This can truly transform your room and create a luxury sleeping space that you can’t wait to dive into.

Quality fabric can certainly make a difference. There are some beautiful textiles and materials that you can implement into your room, from rich velvet and silk, to ruffles and frills.

Nothing says elegance like beautiful bed linens that create a hotel-like feel, providing the upmost comfort for when it’s time to cosy up for the night.

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