Incredible beauty of the new Asia kitchen

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More photos

Functionality and modern design are the main features of Asia kitchen...

With a smooth or framed door, it embraces the rough and vintage taste of wood, covered with knots. The result is an extremely modern design, created thanks to the warm appeal of wooden essences. This range is enriched with more modern, new details, which complement the already wide range of vintage wood and varnishes in neutral tones.

Matte lacquers of Time model come with endless customization options, while four veneer beams are also available, which are added to existing templates - natural oak, safari, parchment and ebony. Arredo3's exclusive proposal, uses fantastically processed structural beams, creating a unique and recognizable style.

Unlike many companies that process wood beyond recognition, Arredo3 respects the natural beauty of wood, with all the knots and changes in shades. This new line additionally allows the kitchen to leave its personal mark, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the environment that is perfectly refined.

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