We present to you the most advanced office desk in the world ...

New Kinetic Desk M1, which is the work of the company Stir, is the best workbench that can be purchased. It increases your productivity and good condition, and not only for you but the for whole company. Stir Kinetic desk makes it easy to move while you work, without any hassle or inconvenience. Energy which thus saved can be used for something creative.

This workbench has a set of algorithms and custom interfaces that give it the ability to feel, learn and adapt to the needs of each user. Its firmware also monitors the use and remembers information and preferences of each user. This workbench feels your presence and wakes up at your arrival. It memorizes the time you spend sitting or standing, and the time you spend outside. Also, it will give you information about your progress toward your goals, and how many calories you spend while you stand and work.

Your desk adapts and adjusts to you so that it fits you perfectly. When it remembers whether you prefer to sit or stand, or how long you prefer to stand, it will suggest the best time to move and change position.

It can also identify who you are if you wear Fitbit, and integration will be possible for more smart devices. Using Bluetooth, your table logs you in, it uses your settings and data.

If you like this idea of the desk, it is available for purchase at a cost of $ 3,000.

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