Kreoo Presents the Incredible Beauty of Green Marble

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As marble has always been synonymous with uniqueness, its exceptional qualities now come to life in beautiful green shades, creating unparalleled wonders of natural stone.

Verde Imperiale, Verde Ming, Artik Green, and Emerald Green Onyx showcase the stunning treasures of nature with their unique speckles. Each green marble exhibits remarkable and intricate nuances that can evoke the deep forest or remind us of the freshness of spring with its pastel tones, depending on their shades and veins.

Kreoo translates the natural beauty of these stones into its living and bathroom collections through furnishings, furniture, and coverings. The extraordinary peculiarity of the stone material is further highlighted by its artisanal craftsmanship.

The Texo covering, designed by Enzo Berti, is a clear example of Kreoo's philosophy. It suggests a deeper and more structured texture with its three-dimensional pattern. Thin marble perpendicular bands are overlapped to recreate a knit effect on a wall surface. This collection is available in a single marble finish or a combination of materials. The interplay of solids and voids enhances a decorative effect, especially adding gold, pink, or dark bronze in the background.

The finish combination is the cornerstone of the four versions of the Ducale collection by Enzo Berti too. Other materials such as Murano glass, brass, and semi-precious stones further enrich the marble surface, creating inlaid, brilliant, and colorful coverings for flooring or parietal surfaces.

Still, the Blessed washbasins, designed in collaboration with Christophe Pillet, pursue this concept. The juxtaposition of two marbles—eligible within six types—interrupts its pure and linear shapes, creating an elegant contrast between the internal and external surfaces and achieving a thin border thickness.

Green marble becomes the protagonist of the bathroom space, turning into a striking sculpture thanks to free-standing bathtubs—Kora and Kalypso, designed by Enzo Berti—or the washbasins of the Nabhi collection—featuring soft countertop solutions, such as Gong and the Bowl n°1 reminding the petals of a flower, or timeless models like the Bowl n°2 and Bowl n°3.

The living collection, instead, displays the wide variety of green natural stones on monumental tables. The Arcaico features cylindrical and sculptural legs, available in several marble and metallic finishes, and a broad contrasting rectangular top. The Torre Maxi is another significant and sinuous piece of furniture made of a central tapered column that sustains a circular top. Its profile appears lightened and sophisticated thanks to the thin edge, inclined and manufactured at 45°.

Even the Royal vase by Christophe Pillet becomes a treasured furnishing. Available in Artik Green or Emerald Green Onyx and three sizes, the vase has a soft, rounded, and shiny aesthetic that further highlights the multiple veins of the materials, carved from a single block.

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