Lea Ceramiche with Lenny Kravitz

An inspired collaboration between famous singer Lenny Kravitz and Italian tile manufacturer LEA Ceramiche led to the creation of a fantastic collection of tiles...

Meaning “drop” in Italian, the Goccia Three Dimensional Tile Collection imitates the features of moving water, mirroring the light and capturing shadows in a merger of quality material and imagination. Lenny Kravitz extended his creativity to a new media, helping create a stylized version of water in black and white.

Back in 2003, the famous singer set up a design studio that transform’s Lenny’s “eclectic global lifestyle into innovative and dynamic design solutions.” – Kravitz Design Inc. Working with the LEA Ceramiche team resulted in a fabulous set of matte and glossy textures that can be used to beautify either residential or commercial spaces.

For sure, Lenny Kravitz’s creativity has found another inspiring outlet expressed in this challenging project.

Source: www.freshome.com

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