In the world of fashion and haute couture, the women dominate as to who gets to have the best designers create the best for them.

One brand which takes a different path, and has sometime for the men, is Lodono. Their latest product, a series of leather and carbon fiber purses is seen as a direct call to the urban suave male, who look for the extra glam quotient with what they buy.

Carbon fiber has gone from being a fabrication of high end machinery to something which can be used in more common items. The Lodono leather and carbon fiber male purses show just that. Leather and carbon fiber seem to be in perfect harmony for a product which is stylish, looks to definitely last long, and certainly something which will grab eye balls from the rest.

‘Handcrafted innovation’ as the Lodono team would call it, had 3 different options to pick from; carbon fiber with black or yellow leather, carbon fiber with red leather, sports wallet with brown leather or more so, a combination of kevlar and carbon fiber.

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