Luxury 3D printed faucets

How technique progresses, we find that the seemingly ordinary household objects from our everyday life can entirely different and made in new ways, with new technology...

The faucet in your bathroom looked just fine all these years, but now you're probably simply become bored with it? Or it will become boring when you look at the kind of design faucets are designed American Standard. They revealed three new designs whose appearance suggests that it is almost impossible to do them manually or in a classic factory. Of course, they were made with the help of 3D printing technique that allows great freedom in comparison to traditional, standard, and hand-making.

Basic physics dictates that water has to travel freely through a tube for the water to come out of the tap. In the traditional production this means that the rights of the tube must bend, because it’s just the way it works. But American Standard faucets stand out from all the laws of physics and have interesting cross, delicate loops, until one of them produces absolutely fantastic and unusual waterfall.

3D printed taps are not completely new for a long time. Companies have used this technique for years to develop a prototype of new unusual faucet. There are even 3D printed plastic taps that were on sale. But the taps of this line of products are the first to have 3D printed of such high quality, functional and ready for the market.

Unfortunately, this style is not cheap or very accessible to everyone. To get one of these fantastic faucets, an incredible amount of patience and thousands of dollars is necessary. Printing process takes 24 hours on the faucet, and then there are polishing and sorting details. All this work has its price, and it will be between 12 000 and 20 000 dollars, when these luxury faucets are new to the market in 2016.

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