Make your bathroom sparkle with elegance

When it comes to bathroom design, there are many details that we must pay attention to, in order to create a harmonious and polished environment…

The whole story of course starts with the tiles, goes further towards choosing the right sanitary ware, coming to the accessories, details and lighting. Just one wrong choice can completely destroy all your work and turn your bathroom, which you designed as your private oasis, into a space where you do not want to spend time, which does not relax you at all, but creates stress for you.

If you wanted to create an elegant bathroom that will always be in trend and fashion, we suggest you pay attention to the new collection of hand-painted porcelain sinks from London Basin, which will enliven your space and raise it to a whole new level.

Combining modern versions of traditional oriental and Middle Eastern designs, this delicately decorated collection of sinks is inspired by the favourite destinations of the mother and daughter who founded the company. Handmade by excellent craftsmen, using the finest porcelain, each sink is also finished and glazed by hand.

Washbasins are made in China, where, as you probably already know, the finest and highest quality porcelain comes from. The company uses two main techniques to create its designs - below or above the glaze. The patterns are applied to the clay for the technique under the glaze, and then the sink is glazed and baked. Another method involves glazing and baking the sink before decorating it, while this process, in order to protect the pattern, requires another layer of glazing and another treatment in the oven.

Discover their beauty in our gallery.

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