MarsCat - A robot cat that can do anything

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More photos

Is cuddling with a cat without fear of scratching and biting something you dreamed of?

Well, a Chinese company, Elephant Robotics, which has just introduced its robot cat, which will delight fans from all over the world, turns these dreams into reality. Called MarsCat, the robo-cat can hear the voice, feel the touch, play with you and recognize your face. It can walk, run, sleep, sit and stretch like a real cat, and it is designed as the ideal home companion.

The marvelous robot animal has a five-megapixel camera to "see" as well as a control unit based on a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer along with sixteen servomotors (3 on each paw, two on the head and two on the tail) for movement. It is further programmed with the ability to recognize up to twenty words.

Commenting on its new creation, the company said in an official statement: “MarsCat behaves independently, without any instructions. She sleeps, walks, runs, stretches, sits, bits her nails, spins and buries her feces even though she does not produce it. She can express different emotions through different meows and gestures. ”

If the cat is not the pet of your dreams, we will remind you that Sony has launched the Aibo Robot Dog!

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