Jewellery Theatre Company was founded in Moscow in 1998...

From the very beginning, they aimed at the luxury market, and had a series of high-quality, luxurious, precious and award-winning design. The most amazing element of their jewelry is the fact how amazing. Very often, luxury jewelers decide to use understated elegance when creating their pieces, which is adorned with the superb workmanship and precious materials. Jewellery Theatre also has superior artists and craftsmen, who create their jewelry, but they add some unexpected elements - you might expect it actually, from the brand with the same name. They constantly live in a world of fantasy and present us with fairy tale-like objects, who simply rule over this simple sophisticated design. The Moscow-based company has presented some truly stunning collections over the years.

In accordance with their dramatic themes, we can say that the jewelers which have put together the pieces are something like writers and directors, since their beautiful jewelry tells you a magical story, with precious stones starring. The person who wears these creations can only admire them, and excite and attract the attention of people around them.


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