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Perhaps at first glance did not understand what this contraption really is, because of the strange and mystical look...

In fact, it is a coffee maker. The work of the company in Seoul, called the Dutch Lab who named it AKMA, which in Korean means devil. This is quite an appropriate name for this bold, dark and mysterious machine.

In addition to its distinctive look in steam punk style, what makes this coffee machine so special is the system by which he makes coffee - it uses a method called cold dripping. It is a very slow process, which uses filters, water and gravity. This method is for many people a waste of time, but the result is something worth to wait. It presents you with superb coffee and impeccable taste. In any case, if you do not mind a little wait to drink coffee with gusto and enjoyment, the ideal would be to make it with this contraption which looks very interesting.

The body of this coffee machine is made of aluminum, while the glasses are made from borosilicate glass, which is the latest creation of the company. If you like this machine, you should know that it costs about $ 5,200.

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