New statement trend - artisan wine cellars

Many homeowners today, at least those who are able to design their own home, choose wine cellars as one of their key rooms…

When they have to choose between a wine cellar and a pantry, many yacht owners will prefer to say goodbye to their supply cupboards. In fact, it was done by the owner of the Endless Summer yacht, when he wanted to pay tribute to his passion for refined wines. A custom-made teak wine cellar became part of the yacht’s interior design, even before its construction began.

“It has always been the intention for the wine cellar to be the focal point of the space, as it has been given a location at the very top of the stairs towards the bridge deck. It is always in the centre of attention", explains the captain of this yacht. Hidden pieces of lighting illuminate bottles collected from numerous vineyards around the world. As the collection grew in both its dimensions and status, the line dividing the functional warehouse and sculptural design was less and less visible.

"Many owners today want to make enjoying wine a crucial part of their superyacht experience. When the owner sacrifices the yacht's space, which is generally limited, just for something to drink, then you know that you have to pay a lot of attention and care when designing it, "said Marc Jessing, head of interior design at Lurssen Shipyard.

On the Endless Summer yacht, the extended air-conditioned unit serves as a spare space, in case the main cooling system fails. Neoprene-lined shelves lie at an angle so that all the corks of wine are moist, that is, so that each bottle of wine is safe while waiting for its five minutes of glory.

However, not everything comes down to mechanics. The Canadian CellArt studio has designed nautical wine cellars to remind us more of an original work of art, with dark navy lacquer and metallic gold inserts. "The price range is constantly increasing. When we started with this story, we charged about two dollars per place for one bottle of wine, while that figure now reaches 2,500 dollars", explains Jonathan Primeau from this studio.

Each CellArt concept monitors up to thirteen different elements, up to noise and vibration, all the way to humidity and light, but customers are primarily concerned with aesthetics. “My approach to art storage units is to turn them upside down. We always hire masters who can produce flawless masterpieces, for which you will find a place on your yacht, even if you give up some other, until then important part for you".

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