Officine Gullo & Aquazzura present their new joint collection

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More photos

Aquazzura and Officine Gullo have collaborated to create a limited-edition collection of free-standing kitchens that seamlessly blend design and fashion.

Handmade and decorated by Italian artists in Officine Gullo's workshops, these cooking ranges are transformed into authentic works of art with finely applied designs that are unique and one-of-a-kind. The exotic motif, inspired by flowers and animals from distant lands, was designed by Edgardo Osorio, the Founder and Creative Director of Aquazzura. The superior quality metals used in these cooking units, presented in pastel pink and green tones, complement the handcrafted designs and elevate kitchens to genuine works of art.

Andrea Gullo, the Managing Director of Officine Gullo, explains that this customised collection was created to satisfy the demand for unique and customisable kitchen designs that reflect the values of beauty and perfection. These two Italian brands, from different worlds of design and fashion, have joined forces to celebrate the excellence of Florentine master craftsmanship and create something fresh and different.

The decorative elements are created using techniques that are designed to withstand the high temperatures of ovens and cooktops. The acrylic tempera paints and varnishes with specific protectants are applied entirely by hand to create an embossed paintwork that makes each kitchen a unique canvas, waiting to be decorated. The kitchen has become a space for artistic expression and creativity, where design and fashion have come together to create something extraordinary.

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