Penelope - a kitchen which answers to all your needs

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More photos

The restyling of the Penelope kitchen, launched in the spring of 2020, provides so many possibilities for customization thanks to a wide range of colors, finishes, accessories and individual elements.

ARAN Cucine, combining technique with craft and design, offers ever-changing solutions, capable of satisfying many tastes and needs. Curved elements can be found even in a linear model of minimalist style like Penelope; even if these items have been underestimated for a while, now is their time to shine again, as they are a new trend for 2021. Their ergonomics, growing lack of separation between the kitchen and living room - and thus the need to "set up" the space - as well as a soothing sensation of soft and circular shapes, turn them into beautiful, evocative and functional solutions.

Speaking of trends, the Penelope composition that you can see in our gallery, is decorated with gray tones that irresistibly resemble the Pantone color for 2021, Ultimate Gray, combined with Illuminating Yellow.

The kitchen includes a wall unit of simple lines, accentuated by the perfectly smooth doors of the lower cabinets in gray and the wall cabinets in the color of walnut cendra. The large curved peninsula, developed according to ARAN Cucine's production capacities and craftsmanship, can be used as a large storage compartment, accessible on three sides, and as a multifunctional work surface: on the marble top, in addition to the hob, there is enough space for preparation and food consumption. The Copernico element made of black aluminum, with the back panel and shelves in HPL color that match, can be a convenient place to store kitchen items and ingredients and offers a valid alternative to save space with conventional wall coverings.

Kitchen appliances and high parts of the pantry complete the composition, with adjustable sizes and finishes. Penelope thus confirms her trendy soul, great versatility and ability to offer ad hoc solutions for any needs, whether dictated by taste, space or, indeed, fashion.

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