Pepsi Cola in Karim Rashid's vision

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Designers from all spheres, often present their creativity in modern everyday products...

Often we have the opportunity to see how these objects look in the eyes of great minds – Barbie in the vision of fashion geniuses and great minds, cutlery, with a touch of luxury, or even a bottle of water as a vision of creative people whose power is indescribable. This time, we present you the work of Karim Rashid for the Pepsi brand.

The New York designer focused his creative energy to create a unique set of bottles of this drink, which is popular throughout the world and which for some is a part of everyday life. His range of bottle got its special name, and is called the Pepsi Prestige Bottle.

The new collection of bottles, with the signature of Karim Rashid was presented in Mix It Up, grandiose, interactive space, which is dedicated to designer collaborations and exhibitions of leading talents during this year's Milan Design Week.

In cooperation with PepsiCo brand, Rashid has created three elegant and modern aluminum bottles; each of them has its own theme and color scheme, with interesting patterns. He created a special bottle for three different types of Pepsi soft drinks - Pepsi, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Max.

Moreover, PepsiCo brand asked Rashid to give a touch of his creativity to an impeccable and luxury series of accessories for the bar, and so he created the ice bucket, glasses and a tray, which perfectly accompany the new Prestige Bottle collection.

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