Prism - lighting collection inspired by brutalism

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More photos

Brutalist design often reminds us of massive buildings that are raw in form and materials, but this style can actually be applied to much smaller things as well...

Lucie Koldova, artistic director of the Brokis brand, was inspired by this design movement when she designed the Prisma lighting collection, characterized by its specific, brutalist strength and structure.

The Prism lighting collection got its name from the decagonal metal prism structures that reflect light in different directions, depending on the viewing angle. At either end of the prism is a hand-blown glass sphere, illuminating the unexpected shapes within. The Prism collection is available as a floor or pendant lamp, in three different finishes – brushed metal, gloss galvanized zinc and matt galvanized zinc.

In any interior, this lighting collection will contribute to the industrial style and architectural element, creating a gentle ambience in any room.

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