Ridiculously expensive: two-story doggy villa

While most domestic pets have their tiny corner or a favorite place on the lawn, Paris Hilton’s dogs enjoy luxury...

It is well-known throughout the world that the multi-billion dollar hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, is a bit too fond of her fur companions, which she once again proved with a purchase of a two-storey villa for dogs.

"My dogs live in their two-storey villa that has air conditioning, heating, designer furnishings and chandeliers, and they love it," says Paris on Twitter, in addition to the collage of the most luxurious dog house in the history of mankind.

Her social network announcements make it clear to us how much she truly loves her dogs. There is a door in their villa where an adult can pass, so that she can enter and play with them. Of course, the interior of the villa is pink, and as far as furniture is concerned, there are leather couches, buggies, dog beds and closets.

She also shared a photo of a black chandelier, which was why we could see the air conditioner in a dog's house, a pre-finished staircase and decorative borders. Otherwise, the surface of this cottage was 30 m2 and decorated the Faye Resnick, with furniture designed by Philippe Starck.

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