Road to Salone 2024: Salone del Mobile.Milano Opens a New Chapter in Design


Salone del Mobile.Milano, the world's leading design and furniture fair, announces the start of its international promotional tour for its 62nd edition.

This event, synonymous with innovation and elegance in the design world, is launching a series of events and encounters across Europe and America this year, including the prestigious Art Basel in Miami.

The tour, which began on November 21st, will take us through seven cities, offering insights into the future of design and home life. Following the impressive success of "Red Night" in China, Salone del Mobile.Milano is once again on the road, this time aiming to connect and inspire the global community of designers, architects, and enthusiasts of beauty and functionality in everyday life.

The 2024 edition, to be held from April 16 to 21 in Milan, promises to be another step forward in exploring and presenting new ideas and trends in the world of design and architecture. This event will not only showcase the latest innovations in furniture but will also spark significant discussions about the future of home life and the role of design in our daily environment.

Each stop on the tour will provide a unique opportunity to highlight different aspects of design. From Paris to Copenhagen, and all the way to Miami, New York, and Chicago, Salone del Mobile.Milano aims to expand its influence and strengthen ties with key markets, promoting dialogue between different cultures and approaches to design.

In addition to traditional exhibitions and presentations, the tour will include a series of roundtables and workshops with key figures in the design world. A special emphasis will be on sustainability and innovation, where Salone del Mobile.Milano will showcase its efforts in environmentally conscious design, confirmed by the recent ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management.

As always, the upcoming edition will be a meeting place for the latest trends, innovations, and ideas shaping the design world. With its focus on internationalization and connecting different cultures and approaches, Salone del Mobile.Milano continues to be the leading global event in design and furniture, a place where new ideas are born and the beauty of functional design is celebrated.

As the tour unfolds, numerous exciting events, meetings, and discoveries are expected, further confirming Salone del Mobile.Milano as the epicentre of the global design community. We eagerly await to see what the new edition brings, both in Milan and around the world.

For more information, visit the official website of Salone del Mobile.Milano.

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