Samsung is introducing a new revolution in the kitchen world

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Exactly one year ago, Samsung introduced its Bespoke line of customizable colour home and kitchen appliances.

We were all delighted with their effort to break free from the indistinguishable selection of monochrome or brushed metal appliances that still dominate most kitchens. In fact, we would be delighted if the famous brand offered even more colours for its amazing products. By all accounts, the consumer electronics giant has managed to read our minds, as the Samsung Bespoke line continues to offer customers the option to paint their fridges something different, but their latest addition unveiled at CES is possibly their most daring yet. It's a custom 4-door Flex with the Family Hub option and a huge 32-inch touchscreen!

The previous Samsung 21.5″ Family Hub+ touchscreen already looked quite large, but the Korean company has literally doubled the feature. Considering it's bigger than many people's home computer monitors and freely strides toward full television territory, you better be committed to the ideal of smart home accessibility. It should be remembered that this is the same company that almost single-handedly pushed the smartphone market towards "phablets" by normalizing the larger dimensions of the mobile phones we all use today.

Aside from accessing smart home controls, or even continuing a Zoom call from the kitchen, the most obvious benefit of such a large screen would be watching YouTube recipes and cooking tutorials. Our curiosity was piqued as to whether such an accessory would be useful to us in a room where phones and tablets are already regularly called upon and practically always relied upon.

The custom Side-by-Side refrigerator has a flat, minimalist design with a customizable front panel, shown in the light green kitchen setup to the right of the Samsung cooktop and hood in our gallery. You might be looking at that monolithic design and wondering how to open it. Samsung assures us that there is a retractable handle, but also notes that it can be opened automatically with just one touch.

Samsung also used the CES stage to unveil the Bespoke Side-by-Side Refrigerator, a flat, minimalist iteration of the design that looks closer to the refrigerators many of us grew up with (but much sleeker). Shown above in white, the faceplates are actually customizable colours and are available in both glass and stainless-steel finishes.

By now you've undoubtedly heard that AI-enhanced gadgets and devices will change our lives in some shape or form, and that goes doubly so in the kitchen, where AI-powered cooking devices have already established themselves in next-generation ovens, microwaves, and even and rice cookers to optimize cooking time and take the guesswork out of determining the doneness of certain dishes. The Samsung Bespoke AI oven is capable of recognizing 80 different dishes and ingredients and adjusts cooking settings accordingly, while monitoring cooking mode, temperature and time using sensors.

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