Sintered stone: a material for kitchen surfaces with unique properties

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When designing our perfect dream kitchens, we want them to meet numerous requirements we set for them...

They must be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. A kitchen that stays perfect, just like the first day, can be created thanks to sintered stone, a new material recently recognized by the European Commission through the award of the CE mark. Lapitec, the company that produces this surface, is the maker of this material made from a blend of 100% natural mineral powders without the addition of pigments or inks, subjected to a process of vacuum vibro-compression and high-temperature firing (sintering). During these steps, the powders are compacted without the use of adhesives or resins, resulting in large slabs (up to 1540 mm x 3440 mm, in thicknesses of 12, 20, or 30 mm) suitable for kitchen countertops, vertical surfaces, and other interior and exterior applications.

Lapitec is available in a range of nature-inspired colors, from white to black, with various shades of gray and brown, as well as some unique hues characterized by contrasting irregular veins. The color of the slabs, derived from the mineral mixture rather than patterning, remains consistent throughout the entire thickness of the slab, meaning the chromatic effect is present even at the edges and remains consistent in processes such as cutting, drilling, or milling.

Smooth, matte, glossy, or with different degrees of roughness, the material can be customized in terms of finish and in any case remains free of surface pores, a characteristic that ensures hygiene and ease of cleaning, making it suitable for use in the kitchen sector. It is resistant to stains, heat, and temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it can be adapted to include under-counter technologies such as touch controls or heated and cooled surfaces.

Finally, Lapitec also offers in its catalog Orion, a collection of integrated sinks with perfect color matching, and Lapitec Chef, the company's patented stove, completely invisible and operated by special food-grade silicone mats, which, when removed, leave the surface free for any other activity, from food preparation to serving, work, and conversation.

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