Sipario: The Kitchen as a True Stage of Mastery

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More photos

The Sipario kitchen, designed by Makio Hasuike & Co. in collaboration with the design team at ARAN Cucine, suggests by its name a solution envisioned as a stage where not only the art of cooking is celebrated, but— as the theater teaches us—the meeting and exchange of ideas...

We can safely say that this kitchen represents a project of aggregation and participation where every detail has been studied to enhance the idea of an interactive living space. Presented at Eurocucina 2024, the new Sipario composition in natural oak wood represents the perfect synthesis of design, aesthetics, and functionality. With its island that hangs above the floor thanks to an elegant black metal structure, available in the catalog in different finishes, it can be used as a preparation surface or as a table for hosting sociable moments. Equipped with open compartments and glass shelves, this kitchen provides organized space for ingredients, utensils, and accessories, highlighting the main gestures.

On the MATERIKA Majestic countertop (an exclusive line of stone and quartz countertops by ARAN Cucine) there is also space for washing and a cooking area with an induction hob. The thin composition leaves space for accessories and tools.

Although it occupies the entire length of the island, the hanging extractor, made of black aluminum tubular material, is deconstructed and light in form, almost ethereal. The open cabinet and wall units allow you to organize ingredients, utensils, and items in a rational and functional way.

The Sipario kitchen is not just a space for cooking, but also an environment designed to actively involve both actors and spectators in the presentation of the art of cooking. The culinary experience is presented like a performance, with the 'Sipario' (curtain) rising.

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