Tactile beauty of the new Ritmonio collection

SAHARA: a color reminiscent of the immeasurability of dunes between endless horizons and wondrous landscapes, whose charm radiates warmth, passion and poetics…

After continuous chromatic and stylistic study and constant search of the Ritmonio brand for new techniques for processing concrete resins applied to faucets, the complete Haptic series was born from the concept of concrete paints "I colori del mondo", a series that became an instant icon of the world of decoration, appreciated by architects, designers and end users worldwide.

The concrete handle is presented in eight different colors, inspired by the suggestions of natural scenarios. The SAHARA shade stands out, reflecting contemporary global trends in architecture and design. Gentle but determined color, sober but bold, is able to create emotions. It is a proposal that expresses the perfect interaction between materials and finishes, as well as the professional use of color, a stylistic combination that includes material contrasts that can experiment with new formal structures.

The original use of the material confirms Ritmonio as an innovative company: in fact, the handle, the control element, the actual point of contact with the user, improves the tactile dimension of concrete, which in yellow tones seems soft and warm, almost sensual. The raw, structural material presents itself as velvety and delicate.

The user's contact with the faucets turns into a sensory experience, which is complemented by a visual dimension: the eye is what perceives this porosity which becomes soft to the touch, thanks to the processing of the concrete handle, leaving traces of its history in each product.

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