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talian Heritage Artwork by Kerasan presents its collection of luxury bathroom furniture, Art de Vivre.

This exquisite collection combines great beauty and sophisticated refinement, showcasing the finest ceramics and marble. Renowned architect Paolo Marioni has designed these unique pieces, symbolizing exclusivity and offering customization and functionality.

With over sixty years of experience and craftsmanship, Italian Heritage Artwork by Kerasan redefines ceramics with innovation and vision. The Art de Vivre collection embodies exclusive luxury, where art and superb craftsmanship harmoniously blend. Transforming the bathroom into a true "salle de bains," this collection promotes well-being and self-care, rejuvenating both the body and mind through meticulously crafted beauty. Every detail, no matter how small, reflects the passion and dedication of the artisans, resulting in distinctive and unparalleled products. Art de Vivre represents a timeless bathroom experience, maintaining its allure and elegance with a perfect balance of natural materials such as marble, stone, and ceramics, transcending fashion and trends.

The Art de Vivre collection showcases the precious tradition of Italian craftsmanship that thrives in the workshops and laboratories of Italy. By combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge production technologies, Italian Heritage Artwork by Kerasan achieves a distinctive essence and uniqueness.

Marble, the epitome of natural stone, exemplifies luxury in the Art de Vivre collection. Expert artisans skillfully adorn the ceramic sanitary ware with exquisite and elegant marbles, resembling mosaic tesserae. The fusion of clean and simple shapes with meticulously hand-glued marble strips transforms each piece into a timeless sculpture, enriching daily life with absolute beauty and style.

The Art de Vivre collection offers two types of freestanding washbasins, round or oval-shaped, along with suspended toilets and bidets, aligning with the latest trends. Various types of marble are available, including Nero Marquina, Bianco Carrara, Sodalite Lapis Lazuli, Giallo Siena, and Verde Alpi.

Nero Marquina, characterized by its deep black color and white veins, represents timeless elegance. It adds sophistication and personality to washbasins, toilets, and bidets, making them suitable for any environment.

White Carrara marble, renowned for its outstanding quality and history, symbolizes purity and is a preferred material in art, architecture, and design. The Art de Vivre collection embraces the stylistic purity, formal balance, and visual harmony of white Carrara marble in its exclusive bathroom design.

Sodalite Lapis Lazuli, with its vibrant chromatic energy and intense elegance, creates an exciting ambiance. This stone's blue hue, adorned with black, white, and yellow veins, brings refined luxury to wall-hung washbasins, bidets, and toilets. Exceptional fittings and a satin gold toilet seat add a glamorous touch to the bathroom.

Giallo Siena marble, uniquely distinguished and sought after, exudes a stimulating brightness. With its gradations of yellow, reminiscent of the sun and gold, Giallo Siena marble infuses sanitary ceramics with a visually impactful texture.

Verde Alpi marble, distinguished by its refined elegance and environmental sustainability, exhibits a dark green color with captivating nuances. White or yellow veins contrast against the green background, enhancing its decorative power. Originating from the Alps of western Italy, Verde Alpi marble evokes rare beauty and a luxurious ambiance. Each tile carefully selected and assembled on Art de Vivre's ceramic sanitary ware highlights the veins, creating captivating textures and patterns.

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