Terra Series - a lighting collection that finds its place in every interior

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More photos

Lately, we've seen a lot of amazing collaborations, and today we're sharing another one, which belongs to the Terra Series lighting collection...

Originally launched in 2020, as the work of In Common With and ceramist Danny Kaplan, this lighting collection received eight new geometric creations. Novelties bring us darker shades, earthy toned glazes and an impressive sense of scale.

The Terra Series lighting collection combines sculptural beauty and utilitarianism by uniting Kaplan's hand-crafted ceramics and In Common With's clean, minimalist design aesthetic. Working closely together, both parties were able to create forms that hide the intriguing hardware of these pieces. The collection includes several wall-mounted pieces, a pendant, a table lamp, a floor lamp and the brand's first mirror.

"Designing with Felicia and Nick was a great gift. Although our work is quite different, there is a large overlap in our references and design aesthetics. Our mutual admiration gives us a powerful collaborative energy, and together we have managed to create a number of powerful pieces that represent the fusion of our works", explains Kaplan.

Contributing to Kaplan's words, In Common With co-founder, Nick Ozemba, stated, “We've been fans of each other's work for a long time, and the idea of creating a collection with Danny came quite organically. We admire his masterful work with clay and his ability to create something that is both distinctive and timeless. After the incredible success of our first series, we were excited to take this collection to the next level, and we knew it would go in some very different directions”.

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