The first smart bathroom mat: Mateo

Introduced during the CES 2020 exhibit, Mateo, with its slim, flexible factor and variable covers, looks like an ordinary bathroom rug until you step on it…

Named the first smart bathroom mat to track your body, measure weight, body mass index and use medical technology to help you repair your posture, Mateo is far more than just a regular rug.

Body scales have come a long way over the years; in addition to weight gain, they can now measure your body composition and your cardiovascular health. However, many people do not consider these scales to be their friends, as they sometimes display uncomfortable figures directly.

Mateo bathroom rug stands out in many ways from anything else. When you step on it, it will capture a wealth of data, which is then sent to the app you have in your phone. Unlike ordinary scales, Mateo will not show you your weight every day, but will allow you to look at it later in the day, while it can also delight you with notification when you reach one of your goals.

Mateo has a mapping system with 7,000 pressure points, which are placed between two scales within it. These points recognize the body of each family member and offer personalized advice through an app or smart mirror, sold separately.

For now, we do not yet know how much Mateo costs and when it will be available, but we know that he will not send your private information to the Internet, as it follows strict privacy protocols, which guarantee you perfect security.

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