The Great Gatsby Deluxe Edition – Gold & Platinum Metalized Record Set...

The leader of Third Man Records, a famous musician Jack White, has come up with a special LP with Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

The glamour and dazzle from The Great Gatsby movie were superbly immortalized into these metalized discs – Disc One in platinum and Disc Two in gold. And to highlight the theme of the movie even more, Art Deco motifs were cut with laser by masterful artisans onto the wooden LP jacket. The records and sleeves are being held tight together by aluminium spines. Furthermore, the sleeves and the records boasts elements in wood, brass, platinum, gold and aluminium.

The Great Gatsby – Gold and Platinum Limited Edition Metalized Record Set is available for purchase through the online store of Third Man Records and the brand’s retail store in Nashville...



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