Brazil’s TAM Airlines First Class Cabin is by far a luxury home away from home…

The leading UK multidisciplinary industrial design group with a believe that design is not just about style, but also about making products and services better and more efficient, Priestmangoode, which has over the times delivered award-winning interiors for many of the world’s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers including Airbus, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways, has now completed a first-class cabin re-design for Brazil’s noted national air carrier TAM Airlines, to make it one of the most comfortable and luxurious cabin in the sky. Actually the innovative cabin designs, which are being rolled-out across the entire fleet flying between São Paulo and Europe, will present TAM Airline as a significant international airliner, thus providing them all of those high-end tools they require to go up against in contest with the world’s most luxurious international airlines.

With a design idea to create a ‘Home away from Home’, while moving away from the usual hard-finishes and creating a much softer, comfortable, and luxurious cabin boasting a feel of state-of-the-art airline interior design, the industrial design studio Priest mangoode re-designed the First Class cabin which now comprises of seats, galleys, cabin architecture, and even the UI of the video consoles.

Designed to be the most comfortable cabin flying in the sky, it now boasts 4-seats designed as comfortable, beautiful pieces of free-standing luxury furniture, along with 2 central seats.

The two central seats comes with an elegant sofa furniture that impressively replaces the standard footstools, whilst offering a comfortable and relaxed social setting for the elite passengers travelling together.

And, to experience TAM Airlines' exclusively-new cabin in the sky, be ready to spend anything around $12,000.



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