This $13,000 Tonino Lamborghini sink is simultaneously unconventional and beautiful

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More photos

Design and history go hand in hand, while excellence becomes part of the mix when Italy enters the scene.

Speaking of hands, Glass Design has introduced an incredible collection of sinks and bathroom accessories under the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The standout product of this timeless collection is the unique Iconico, a freestanding sink with an impressive and robust character. Such descriptions are usually reserved for people, not the sinks they use, which is precisely why this addition deserves such praise.

Iconico draws inspiration from the heritage of the Tonino Lamborghini brand, and the result is unconventional and powerful. With its soft edges, dual-tone structure boasting an inner black core and vibrant external details, Iconico symbolizes design quality and aesthetics, bringing a touch of luxury lifestyle to your bathrooms. Iconico looks futuristic not only because of its avant-garde aesthetics but also due to its advanced lighting system and technological design.

Iconico comes in a range of coloured outer shells such as matte orange, matte lime green, light blue matte, matte white, and matte black, providing various customization options. Priced at nearly $13,000, Iconico brings the originality of contemporary design and top-notch materials to the stage.

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