Ummara - a unique resort for adventure lovers

Roykind Arquitectos, together with amasA studio, presented pictures of their ongoing project "Ummara", located along the wine route of the Mexican valley "de Guadalupe".

The project is characterized by an understanding of the value of nature and its historical use as a refuge and hiding place, enabling the visitor to reconnect with the environment and with himself. The Ummara project is designed for those who want to accept the natural context, discover extraordinary places, celebrate regional food and find balance in the elements.

Rojkind Arquitectos and amasA estudio edited the master plan of the project respecting the viticultural heritage of the country ‘Tres Cerritos’. The project is inspired by the valley’s origins and Franciscan architecture interpreted through recessed slabs placed in the central courtyard that invites introspection. Scattered throughout the region, the Ummara resort encompasses an oenological project for grape growing and wine production, as well as olive derivatives such as oils and fragrances, lavender and oranges, creating a new category and concept of hospitality with DNA and a premise that redefines a holistic and olfactory perspective.

The Roykind and AmasA design team invites visitors to the top of three hills, where there are 28 villas built into the slope. On one side, with a stunning view of the valley, there is a swimming pool that suggests blurred boundaries of nature and modern design.

The spaces are designed to offer privacy and a regenerative holiday in contact with a mountain that offers adventure, tranquility and wisdom to connect with nature and freedom. Above the dense vegetation is the resort’s central restaurant which occupies the central courtyard, and which allows you to enjoy a unique experience and connect with the senses, your inner and others.

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