Unusual Laufen washbasin

When designing a bathroom, people are faced with the fact that their election details are often very narrow...

The bathroom is like a space defined by its functionality. However, as you well know and as we have repeatedly emphasized, the bathroom should not only be the place where you prepare for work or going out and steadfast hygiene. It should be your personal oasis, a place of relaxation and space in which you can be alone with yourself for a few moments.

When your bathroom looks like embossed copy, with the average elements and details, if in addition accompanied by chaos and things piled up, your enjoyment becomes impossible. If you want to own a nice bathroom, in it you have to make an effort, as well as in any other room in your home.

If your ordinary pieces of bathroom furniture are interfering in fantasy while enjoying a bath or shower, it may be time for a change. While the large number of people thinks that only little things can be changed in the bathroom, trust us that this is not true.

In addition to the large companies that produce sinks, tubs, showers and other details of mass consumption, in the world of design, there are those individuals who want to help you create a magical corner out of your room, where you will be happy to spend time.

Laufen washbasin which we’re presenting you this time, are the work of the Hungarian designers from Hunap studio. It just seems very strange and unexpected. But this is the beauty of it, which is required and necessary for the creation of individual space with a pleasant atmosphere. This sink is designed so that it has a very unusual shape, and is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. With its elegant lines and shine, it will give your bathroom a much-needed dose of glamor.

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