Vita Bella - a modern novelty with ARAN Cucine signature

Vita Bella, the latest ARAN Cucine signature kitchen, was created as a harmony of elements of the past and tradition, with contemporary ingredients…

Through its different versions, it offers multiple possibilities of reinterpreting classic taste. We should also point out that this line is considered a collection that has a more traditional style, compared to the mostly modern LAB 13.

Offered in numerous colors and with a variety of finishing details, this kitchen, thanks to the combination of different elements, creates a union with every environment in which it is located. The core of the project is doors, framed or sleek, minimalist or with decoration, which are simply combined with simple or sinusoidal, rounded elements, giving you freedom of composition, which has become commonplace for this brand. All different versions of the Vita Bella Kitchen can answer almost any need, adapting to classic or contemporary tastes.

Best suited to the modern concept of space, this composition as its main star has a bulky kitchen island, with its delicate rounded lines, in matt Corda lacquer finish, further accentuated by a random sandblasted travertine surface, with a leather-lined dining compartment.

Somewhat more elegant and traditional is the Vita Bella version, in which all framed doors with handles perfectly match the painted framed wall units with smoked glass. All gray shades harmonize with Carrara Marble tones, whether they are selected for your worktop or corner for enjoyment.

Contemporary, almost industrial, is a composition that relies primarily on materials. Essentially designed island, accentuated by sleek doors for which a new finish was created: liquid copper metallic lacquer, which represents the original color and further enhances all its features.

Vita Bella is an homage to poly-Italian style, that is, kitchen that constantly adapts to all tastes and trends, confirming once again the perfect versatility of this brand.

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