Would you buy Frank Sinatra's toilet?

These toilets were in Sinatra's suite at Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City…

Frank Sinatra left this world more than two decades ago, but his most loyal fans are not ready to say goodbye to him. In fact, some are still so fascinated by the late singer, that they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for his gilded toilets.

The three toilets, made of marble with seats soaked in gold, were part of an auction that featured dozens of items from the famous singer, which took place the previous weekend. The bulk of the items was used to furnish his legendary suite at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, where Sinatra was staying while at a hotel.

When Steve Wynn opened the Golden Nugget, now known as the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, during the early 1980s, he quickly signed a $ 1 million contract with Sinatra that included his performances. The contract also allegedly included a special apartment for Sinatra. Wynn did not spare when decorating the space, choosing Baroque pieces from around the world, including the toilets mentioned earlier.

The toilets were carved in Italian marble and were auctioned at $ 4,250, $ 3,500 and $ 3,750. As high as it may seem to you, it is really just a fraction of the $ 27,000 price tag which was paid when they were new. In addition, each toilet was also given a gold seat, now sold for $ 1,800.

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