Ditre Italia - timeless elegance

Ditre Italia is a renewed company, which always presented us perfectly designed pieces of furniture...

This time, they have addressed their sofa Bijoux, which was redesigned, and which was given a series of additional elements, but also has a wider scope of functionality and design. With its modularity, Bijoux sofa by Ditre Italia offers you a large number of compositions, so you can customize your living space. Its elegant design will give every living room chic and refined atmosphere.

With its extremely comfortable and soft pads that provide comfort, this sofa offers a backrest in five sizes, which can be adapted to the size of the pads, that would support the creation of most comfortable position for relaxation and enjoyment. Now, its base can also be adjusted - there are square chrome legs, black chrome legs or polished versions that are elegant and sophisticated.

As already mentioned, this sofa is accompanied by many additional elements, which are inspired by the concept of family life. There are shelves and trays of anthracite, dark brown and white lacquered metal plaster, which allow you to create functional, but aesthetically satisfactory solution, with a sofa in the central part of the entire composition.

Bijoux is an upholstered sofa that will easily meet the needs of every person who wants to enjoy functionality and comfort of their living room. Following the latest trends in the world of design, this sofa has become a beauty with a timeless elegance.

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