Duka Libero 5000 – small architecture for large walk-in shower cabins

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More photos

libero 5000, one of the most recognizable shower cabins from Duka, is known for its exceptionally clean, clear aesthetics and perfectly balanced shape, making it ideal for the 'interior decor' of almost any bathroom or spa center, whether in residential or commercial spaces.

Now available in the Inlab version, it allows for the creation of new striking configurations. libero 5000 Inlab, a space-saving Walk-In series, is characterized by intelligent, extremely practical design; it is equipped with a special opening system that neatly positions the sliding door behind the fixed panel. The new shower cabin thus proves to be a perfect solution when designing interiors for small to medium-sized bathrooms and is sure to be the central element of the room.

A Walk-In shower requires more space than a traditional shower cabin; with its latest model, Duka provides comfort, beauty, and all the top features of libero 5000 even in 'small architectures'. The light, fluid sliding movement of the door panels, perfectly positioning behind the fixed panel, guarantees easy, comfortable entry (and exit) from the shower. The doors close without overlapping, providing better protection from water splashing during showering.

The libero 5000 Inlab model is characterized by 8 mm thick safety glass and is particularly resistant to impacts, making it ideal for use in hotels and hospitality. It comes with an ACS automatic closing and stopping system: with a gentle push, the door panel slowly slides to a fully open or closed position.

libero 5000 Inlab offers three different installation options to meet all aesthetic and design requirements. It is available with a wall profile, without a wall profile - an all-glass solution with wall brackets - and with a wall-integrated profile, a new installation method where the shower cabin is attached to the wall through a profile built into the wall, highlighting the clean, minimalist design of the iconic model.

Last but not least: With the variety of glass finishes in the libero 5000 Inlab series - from clear to frosted, from chrome to mirror effect, to silky - the possibilities for personalizing your bathroom are virtually limitless.

With libero 5000 Inlab, Duka continues its evolution, providing even broader, specialized solutions."

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