Flumood novelties with antoniolupi signature

Any type of color can cause a whole storm of emotions in us; they are subjective, personal experiences, or sensory journeys that cleanse our soul…

Nothing will give us a stronger sense of freedom and ease than personalizing our own space based on our sensations, feelings, memories and needs. In this regard, the anthiolupi brand anticipates market trends and its requirements, introducing Flumood washbasins and Mastello and AGO85 tubs in its own range. This bold course is made possible by the uniqueness and versatility of this material, which is certainly the result of a constant anthiolupi technological and material-based research. In this regard, we must emphasize that their range consists of eco-friendly, compact, non-porous and non-toxic materials, which are easy to maintain, clean and restore in the event of daily wear and accidental scratches.

The colored Flumood washbasin models and baths signed by this brand are modeled on the client's requirements to achieve complete personalization, satisfy cravings and desires, that is, turn the bathroom into an experience that is completely unique and tailor made. Washbasins and bathtubs can be the same color or in perfect contrast to the rest of your bathroom equipment, and you are allowed complete compositional freedom.

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