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Kitchen represents part of every home that is defined and limited in terms of size, and placing of various appliances, counters and tables – by the very nature of its purpose. First and foremost, necessity for functionality supersedes everything else – including design and style. Throughout history this fact has had a defining influence over the appearance of “common” kitchen as well as those that we could call “luxurious”.

However, with modern means of production of contemporary appliances and parts of modern kitchen, for the first time now there is a possibility to enrich the kitchen interior design with appliances and decorations that are able to retain their primary role and functionality, and contribute to the overall appearance of the kitchen, at the same time.

Luxury, however, as it happens, also has its own price tag attached. Some of these appliances can cost up to $70.000, but regardless of that, there is obviously a market for such items, and this is the list of 10 of the most expensive ones:

10. Skybar Wine Preservation & Servicing System, $1.000

Skybar system for preservation and servicing of vine is one of those gadgets that you can easily use to definitely impress your house guests or friends. This system features 3 separate compartments for wine bottles, which means that you can serve up to 3 different wines, catering even to the taste of most picky wine lovers. This machine also offers automatic cooling of the wine, which allows it to maintain the wine fresh for up to 10 days.

9. Blendtec Stealth Blende, $2.330

All blenders come with 2 main defining characteristics: first, how hard is it to thoroughly clean your model, and second how much noice do they make when you turn them on. Blendtec’s Stealth Blender is the ultimate answer to both, as it offers both almost-silent performance and simple cleaning, at the same time. Also, this model offers 6 different settings for blending as well as poweful 15amp motor. For the added “high tech” feel, Stealth Blender is operated via touch screen command panel. The only are where this kitchen appliance is inconvenient – is the pricing department.

8. Dacor Discovery WineStation, $5.299

If you’re a fan of decadent luxury, then this is a perfect thing for you. This wine station represents embodiment of refined and discrete facade made of stainless steel and a preservation chamber that maintains vine at a certain temperature, lit by subtle lights, in order to put its contents on display. WineStation is operated by interactive ouch screen that combines modern technology with simple esthetics.

7. Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers, $4.250

This mini freezer can also chill down your bank account, but its drawers will definitely maintain your food fresh. With its unique service that allows you to personalize its appearance so that it fits with the esthetic of the rest of your kitchen, this discrete freezer won’t dominate the space, or catch the attention like its older and bigger cousins. Aside from that, its size allows you to save space thanks to its innovative design: they can be installed into walls, hidden inside or beside various parts of kitchen counters or pieces of furniture, basically in every bit of space that is either too small or too inconvenient to house other appliances.

6. Mugnaini Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, $8.500

In kitchen consistency is the key for success, and so this Mugnaini oven offers a consistent quality of performance, whether you wish to make pie or pizza, in the comfort of your home. This oven represents a combination of authentic look of the traditional ovens, as well as modernity of its design, that allows it to fit into almost any contemporary kitchen. The working surface of 47” is large enough to give you the ability to turn almost any cooking activity into family entertainment.

5. Hammercher Juicer, $9.900

If you’re a fan of kitchen appliances that allow you to quickly and effortlessly turn whole fruits into juice, before your very eyes, this is little thing is quite literally, made just for you. With the ability to turn up to 30 oranges into juice in just a minute, its difficult to find this machine any competition on the market – in performance as well as price tag.

4. La Cornue Rotisserie, $10.000

Do you wish you could have your own in-house grill that would allow you prepare delicious grilled food from the comfort of your home? Sure thing, for $10.000 you can get one. Engineers from La Cornue have designed this perfect rotisserie that will easily answer all your needs. It offers to rotating sticks that allow you to simultaneously prepare two different means, while the tray with the vegetables bellow collect the juices and steam. This is pretty much like heaven to all those foodies out there.

3. Venus Century Espresso Machine, $20.000

Espresso machines have always had that specific and unique touch of luxury. This model was designed to honor the 100 years of Victoria Arduino’s life, from 1905-2005. It was also decided to limit the series to just 100 pieces, which is part of the reason for its $20.000 price. Making the perfect espresso is truly an art that this machine was built for, while at the same time its a piece of art on its own.

2. Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator, $41.000

Big luxury fridge you say? Well, it doesn’t get any bigger, or more luxurious than this. Arredamenti’s sheer size and price tag on their own represent a statement, when it comes to luxury. Guaranteed to satisfy all your needs, this Italian fridge comes in 3 different models: made out of perfect stainless steel, oak and ash wood. Its outside is streamlined and refined, while the inside is compartmentalized in order to provide easier use. Aside from other benefits, this model offers comes with a pantry and centrally located ice dispenser.

1. Sevid Custom-Made CorkScrew, $70.000

Yes, you saw it right. Both the title and the price. The most expensive item on this list comes in quite a unique package: it is both by far the smallest item and one with the highest price. Is there a better way to open a bottle of some expensive wine than with a corkscrew of even higher value? Well, this one costs no less than $70.000. Hand made out of aviation titanium, with perfect design and infallible efficiency, this little kitchen “appliance” will definitely leave you breathless – in every way.


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