62nd Edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano Pushes Boundaries Again

The most renowned and largest furniture fair, Salone del Mobile.Milano, promises to be an open ecosystem and a perfect experience capable of connecting members of the design community from around the world, offering them many visions of the future...

Evolution and innovation are the keywords for the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano, which is increasingly transforming from a strictly trade fair event into an inclusive, valuable, and responsible context and fabric, generating relationships, narratives, and projects relevant to the design community throughout the year.

The 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano will take place at Rho Fiero Milano from April 16 to 21, not only bringing back "beautiful" and "well-made" products to one of the most important international stages but doing so with a new, bold, literally "out of the box" approach, a necessary condition for innovation and evolution, embracing the challenge that required vision, listening, analytical ability, enthusiasm, curiosity, and a dose of resilience and elasticity to bring benefits to the entire design system aimed at constantly improving the fair experience. All of this in the context and for the good of ecological transition.

The result of this process is the relaunch of optimizing the layout and visitor paths at EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition, thanks to the contribution of neurology and the adoption of a philosophy that puts people at the center of attention; it involves a complete redistribution of pavilions aimed at grouping exhibitors by content and target audience to enhance the value and meaning of their experience. The fair will thus become an exceptional, rich, and multidisciplinary cultural offer throughout the event, a constantly evolving communication campaign that, using artificial intelligence, follows the conversations of the international design community. Collaboration with the Department and School of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, in an attempt to study Salone as an ecosystem, has explored the phenomenon and its socio-economic impact on the region, while part of the event will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of SaloneSatellite with an exhibition at the Triennale di Milano that goes beyond traditional exhibition canons and will be a very real Wunderkammer of objects, prototypes, sketches, stories, images, and testimonies.

The President of Salone del Mobile.Milano, Maria Porro, stated: "Capturing new trends, the evolution of the entire sector, including listening to communities from all over the world, identifying new approaches, methodologies, and technologies, experimenting, leading the way: this is still the ambition of Salone del Mobile.Milano today. Neurology, artificial intelligence, new formats and paths, a unique but widespread cultural project, which encompasses consistency and multidisciplinarity – all of this is what Salone represents today. David Lynch's thoughts, the Salotto NY installation that takes us underwater, using poetry and numbers to look at the state of art in the bathroom industry. Then there are conversations with a large number of guests, including Pritzker Prize winner Francis Kere and visionary performances by artists and food designers: all designed to provide visitors and exhibitors with an exceptional content experience, which cannot be replicated anywhere else, except here, at the fair in Milan. It's an event not to be missed, although it's not limited to just one week but extends throughout the year thanks to the driving and inclusive power of our digital platform."

Events in 2024 will bring together more than 1,900 exhibitors, including 600 young talents under the age of 35 and 22 design schools. Salone will create worlds - Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Workplace3.0, S.Project, EuroCucina with FTK, the International Bathroom Exhibition, and SaloneSatellite - offering a single-floor layout, aesthetic paths, experiential spaces, and rest and relaxation areas that will be renovated; conferences and round tables with international guests will be held, workshops on current design topics and educational meetings for young people, along with immersive and interactive installations at specific locations to learn about the latest achievements of the industry or contemplate the physical and emotional value of interiors. Salone del Mobile.Milano will also present artistic performances that generate visions of tomorrow; a circular bookstore and arena will be built, as well as a new design library, all aimed at providing visitors with opportunities for exciting, subjective, and unforgettable experiences during the event, encouraging dialogues and reflection.

Taking a step further is an innovative digital platform that is updated throughout the year and offers support, encouragement, and inspiration for the entire community, with content generated from a large database collected during past editions of the fair. The new platform not only tracks conversations and trends but also allows for the expansion of the exhibitor and visitor network throughout the year, as well as providing purchasing data and market analysis, with significant benefits for everyone involved in furniture design and manufacturing, as well as for all consumers interested in creating new living spaces.

The statement adds: "It has never been so important to meet again, to talk again, to exchange ideas again, encouraging dialogue, prompting reflection, bringing together people with the same goal, pushing boundaries in favor of a better future. This is what we want to achieve in April and throughout the year, not just as an event but as a process, to once again become the true protagonists of a new era."

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