A smart table for contemporary interiors

Egyptian furniture brand, DE.CI, has launched a new connected table that everyone will want to have in their smart home…

Called the Dot Table, this piece of furniture comes with an integrated Google Alexa option, wireless charging, two USB ports and Sony speakers. In addition, the height adjustability of this model makes it ideal for a variety of uses in your home. Its rustic body, with its black painted upper surface and small wheels, will easily become the central decoration of the space in which it is located. The top surface of the table is not simply flat; rather it has a built-in wireless charger, so you can simply lower your phone to it and enjoy a cup of coffee while it is charging.

In addition, the top surface of the table can be moved to reveal a small storage space below. The height of the table can be adjusted at two different points, according to different situations, so it can be your workstation or bedside table.

Dot Table responds to your voice commands, so you can tell it to play music, tell you the weather, set an alarm, a reminder, and the like. According to the company, the table has built-in sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and light, and with the help of the accompanying mobile application you can control its various options.

If you like this table, know that you can buy it for $ 1,000.

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